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Collaborating with other User Groups

A few months ago I decided that collaborating with other user groups might be a really good way to add new ideas and an outside perspective on the local .NET Developers Group that I organize. Back in November 2016 I was attending Detroit Dev Day.  I was planning on meeting with with Reid Evans who was doing a talk “A Developer’s Journey From OO to FP”. Like most conferences, the best part was the hallway discussions.  I was sitting around and talking about user groups with Reid, Ken Cenerelli and Tom Walker. Tom mentioned that he had recently done meetup… Read More »Collaborating with other User Groups

Getting Started with Functional Programming in F#

At last night’s Windsor-Essex .NET Developers Group, we had Reid Evans presenting a talk on Getting Started with Functional Programming in F#. I absolutely loved this talk and wanted to share it along with some of my thoughts and takeaways. I’ve been over the last year or two going back and forth with learning F# and understanding more functional programming concepts.  So I was really looking forward to this talk. If you have any questions, please follow me on Twitter. Video This is the live stream we had to our user group.  If you are interested in functional programming and F#, I… Read More »Getting Started with Functional Programming in F#

Windsor-Essex .NET Developers

I started a .NET Developers group in Windsor-Essex.  Why? Well first a bit of back story. I first started using .NET with C# around 2003-2004 with .NET 1.1.   At the time I was primary using Linux as my desktop and writing PHP and Python and creating web apps. However, I was required to create a Native Win32 app.  I had used Delphi and Object Pascal just prior but decided to use take the .NET route. Fast forward 13 or so years and I’m still using and for the most part enjoying the ride. OSS A lot has changed in the past 13… Read More »Windsor-Essex .NET Developers