Derek Comartin

Derek Comartin

Derek Comartin is software developer and Microsoft MVP with over 17 years of professional experience that span enterprise, professional services and product development.

He’s written software for a variety of business domains such as consumer goods, distribution, transportation, manufacturing, and accounting.

Derek is the Director of Engineering at Full Circle TMS. Developing Transportation Management Software using a variety of technologies including .NET.

He founded and leads the Windsor-Essex .NET Developers Group (@WENetDevelopers). Exploring the use of .NET for building and deploying applications on any platform. Focused on the various .NET Platforms (Full Framework, Core, Mono), OSS libraries and various development concepts. The purpose of the group is to create a great social group in Windsor-Essex where individuals can learn from each other.

Derek has a very active blog @, that focuses on .NET, CQRS, Event Sourcing, HTTP API’s and Hypermedia.