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2016 Year in Review

I usually don’t think about a calendar year or do any type of reflection for a specific time period. I generally feel like I’m always in continuous improvement mode. But for whatever reason, I started looking back at 2016 to see what (if anything) I felt like I accomplished. I originally tweeted this on December 31st.  Only one of these was actually a “goal” at the beginning of the year. Blogged regularly in 2016, started a local #dotnet UG, spoke more. Building more on that in 2017. — Derek Comartin (@codeopinion) December 31, 2016 I didn’t have any intent of… Read More »2016 Year in Review

Side Projects: Validate Quickly or Learning Experience?

I periodically enjoy working on side projects.  Not just messing around, but a full blown side project that has some set of features that I think would be useful. I never have any real intent of releasing them so I don’t ever put too much priority on them. Usually what I take away from them are knowledge of new tools/frameworks/libs/patterns etc.  Althoguh they aren’t always completely new to me, they may just be deepening my current understanding. For me these side projects go into three states: I get really into it and work on it non stop for a few… Read More »Side Projects: Validate Quickly or Learning Experience?

Stop doing Agile, Start Thinking Agility

It’s interesting that when our understanding matures, things people said to you years earlier have more meaning and depth.  The title of this blog was something David Anderson said during his Agile and Beyond 2012 keynote.  Of all the interesting things I heard at that conference, that phrase has stuck with me ever since. Stop doing Agile, Start Thinking Agility The reason I have been thinking about this as of late is because of a user group talk I plan on attending in a couple days.  The topic is about Agile and more particularly, Scrum. What I find really interesting as of over… Read More »Stop doing Agile, Start Thinking Agility