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Orleans Health Checks using ASP.NET Core

One of the nicest things with the introduction of the Generic Host in Orleans v3.0 is that it allows you to run Orleans side by side with ASP.NET Core. One of the main benefits that I could think of is creating Orleans health checks using ASP.NET Core Health Checks. Co-Hosting Since Orleans 3.0, there is now support for the GenericHost via extensions on IHostBuilder, this allows you to run multiple services within the same process all sharing things such as logging, services, configuration, etc. In a recent blog post, I covered how you can co-host Orleans and ASP.NET Core. This… Read More »Orleans Health Checks using ASP.NET Core

Co-Hosting Orleans and ASP.NET Core

With the release of Orleans 3.0 comes the ability to co-host with ASP.NET Core (or any other framework that uses the generic host builder). What this means is you can run Orleans and ASP.NET Core in the same process. The advantage to this is both services will share the same service provider, logging, etc that is configured with the host builder. Orleans and ASP.NET Core The extension method UseOrleans() is available now on the IHostBuilder. Just like you would configure the ASP.NET Core via ConfigureWebHostDefaults, you can configure the Orleans silo. Benefits One of the nice benefits here is that… Read More »Co-Hosting Orleans and ASP.NET Core

EventStore for Orleans Grain Persistence

In my previous post, I used the JournaledGrain to create an Event Sourced grain.  This enabled us to raise events from within our grain which would be applied to our grain state.  Next up, which I’m covering in this post is how to use EventStore for Orleans Grain Persistence. This means when we raise events, they will also be persisted to EventStore.  When our grain is activated, we can re-hydrate it by retrieving prior events from an EventStore stream and re-running them in our Grain to get back to current state. Blog Post Series: Part 1 – Practical Orleans Part… Read More »EventStore for Orleans Grain Persistence