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Roundup #69: ASP.NET Core Urls & Ports, Tye, Orleans, and Diagnostics

After a bit of a break, the .NET Roundups are back! This week, it’s almost as if Andrew Lock was working on the exact same I was as he had two posts back to back that solved two issues I was having. Incredible timing and as always great content from Andrew. 5 ways to set the URLs for an ASP.NET Core app In this post I show 5 different ways to change which URLs your app listens on. We’ll look at each of these options in more detail below. Link: How to automatically choose a free port in ASP.NET… Read More »Roundup #69: ASP.NET Core Urls & Ports, Tye, Orleans, and Diagnostics

Roundup #58: Orleans 3.0, Snitch, What’s Your Problem? Next 5 years of ASP.NET Core

Here are the things that caught my eye recently in .NET.  I’d love to hear what you found most interesting this week.  Let me know in the comments or on Twitter. Introducing Orleans 3.0 We are excited to announce the Orleans 3.0 release. A great number of improvements and fixes went in, as well as several new features, since Orleans 2.0. These changes were driven by the experience of many people running Orleans-based applications in production in a wide range of scenarios and environments, and by the ingenuity and passion of the global Orleans community that always strives to make… Read More »Roundup #58: Orleans 3.0, Snitch, What’s Your Problem? Next 5 years of ASP.NET Core

Co-Hosting Orleans and ASP.NET Core

With the release of Orleans 3.0 comes the ability to co-host with ASP.NET Core (or any other framework that uses the generic host builder). What this means is you can run Orleans and ASP.NET Core in the same process. The advantage to this is both services will share the same service provider, logging, etc that is configured with the host builder. Orleans and ASP.NET Core The extension method UseOrleans() is available now on the IHostBuilder. Just like you would configure the ASP.NET Core via ConfigureWebHostDefaults, you can configure the Orleans silo. Benefits One of the nice benefits here is that… Read More »Co-Hosting Orleans and ASP.NET Core