Roundup #4: Discover.NET, Signed Nuget Packages, Scheduled Messages in Jasper, RailsConf Keynote

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Here are the things that caught my eye last week.  Throwing something out of my usual focus on .NET and tossing in the Railsconf keynote.  I generally pay attention to other ecosystems but just don;t really post it on this blog.  But I might start sneaking some in on the roundups. I’d love to hear what you found most interesting this week.  Let me know in the comments or on Twitter.
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  Last week I was on vacation, hence the missed roundup.

Discover .NET

I am thrilled to announce the launch of Discover .NET. The site is an attempt to improve discoverability in the .NET ecosystem by collecting information on topics like projects, issues, blogs, groups, events, and resources.
What a awesome idea and really glad to see Dave take the time and effort to put this together.  I love this so much because ultimately this is my main goal for this blog and this series of posts.  To showcase some of the great people, libraries, tools, etc in ecosystem. Link: Link:

Signed package submissions to

In September 2017, we announced our plans to improve the security of the NuGet ecosystem by introducing the ability for package authors to sign packages. Today, we want to announce support for any user to submit signed packages to
As the post mentions, this really revolves around Package integrity and authenticity.  Glad to see this is now available. Link:

Scheduled or Delayed Message Execution in Jasper

The scheduled messages can be processed by any of the running nodes within your system, but we take some steps to guarantee that only one node will execute specific scheduled messages. Rather than using any kind of leader election, Jasper just takes advantage of advisory locks in Postgresql or application locks in Sql Server as a lightweight, global lock between the running nodes within your application.
As mentioned at the top of the post, this isn’t a replacement per say for something like Hangfire completely, but does offer the ability to schedule message execution.  I’m likely going to be looking at Jasper a bit more in the future. Link:  

RailsConf 2018: Opening Keynote: FIXME by David Heinemeier Hansson

Found this to be a pretty interesting keynote.  Lower the barrier to entry, abstractions and complexity.  Worth a watch. Link:
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