Roundup #35: Startup Hooks, HttpMaster, 7+M req/sec, Pre-Building Services, DockerComposeFixture

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Here are the things that caught my eye this week in .NET.  I’d love to hear what you found most interesting this week.  Let me know in the comments or on Twitter.

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[C#] Have some fun with .net core startup hooks

One feature of .net core 2.2 that didn’t catch my mind immediately is the startup hooks. Put simply, this is a way to register globally a method in an assembly that will be executed whenever a .net core application is started. This unlocks a whole range of scenarios, from injecting a profiler to tweaking a static context in a given environment.


HttpMaster 4.3


ASP.NET Core: Saturating 10GbE at 7+ million request/s

Looking at the latest run from the TechEmpower Benchmarks continuous results ASP.NET 2.2 is the 3rd fastest webserver (0.046% off the top spot); able to respond to 7 Million HTTP request per second


Reducing initial request latency by pre-building services in a startup task in ASP.NET Core

This post follows on somewhat from my recent posts on running async startup tasks in ASP.NET Core. Rather than discuss a general approach to running startup tasks, this post discusses an example of a startup task that was suggested by Ruben Bartelink. It describes an interesting way to try to reduce the latencies seen by apps when they’ve just started, by pre-building all the singletons registered with the DI container.



I happen to catch this twitter thread and noticed Khalid posted a link to this GitHub repo.

A XUnit fixture that allows you to spin up docker compose files and then run tests against them.


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