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Why use Nancy?

On one of my posts showing how you can use Nancy with ASP.NET Core, David Anderson posted the following comment I came across some Nancy blogpost last week and got curious about it and so looked on internet for more information. I wanted to know why should someone use Nancy and why plain core is not sufficient. So far every place I look I see the same introduction, you know that one with ‘…super-duper-happy-path…’. But to be honest it’s still not clear ‘why’? What is it that someone can not do in ASP.NET Core which is ‘super-duper’ in Nancy?… Read More »Why use Nancy?

ASP.NET Core MVC Attribute Routing

Over the last several years, I haven’t done much work with ASP.NET 4 MVC.  I primarily have used ASP.NET Web API and then eventually went full on with Nancy. My main reason for switching to Nancy for creating Web API’s was I wasn’t overly fond of the ASP.NET MVC/WebAPI Routing.   I really liked how you you defined routes in Nancy by specifying the route in the constructor of your Module/Controller which was close to the Action. I tweeted this yesterday, and it seems I’m not alone. @codeopinion I’m very fond of attribute-based routing, moving the route definitions close to… Read More »ASP.NET Core MVC Attribute Routing

LazyCache: Caching Service for ObjectCache

I recently blogged about in-memory caching while I was looking for a library to sit on top of .NET ObjectCache or MemoryCache. Alastair Crabtree commented on my post, suggesting I take a look at this LazyCache library. So I figured I would take my existing demo application and port it to using LazyCache. As with most of my posts, all the following code is available as a demo application on GitHub. This demo console app is going to show currency exchange rate between USD and CAD for a given day. LazyCache Lazy cache is a simple in-memory caching service. It has a developer friendly generics based API,… Read More »LazyCache: Caching Service for ObjectCache