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Domain Driven Design

Explore DDD 2017 Review

I just returned from Denver, Colorado, where the first Explore DDD conference was held.  I originally heard about it earlier in the year on Twitter via the organizer Paul Rayner and decided to submit a couple abstracts for the CFP. Fat Controller CQRS Diet The talk that was accepted and which I delivered on Friday morning was my Fat Controller CQRS Diet talk.  The talk revolves around trying to decouple your application from top I/O layer or framework.  More info on the talk can be found in my series of blog posts as well as a episode of Software Engineering Daily… Read More »Explore DDD 2017 Review

Domain Driven Design: “What” not “How”

Many years have past since Eric Evans release the blue book: Domain Driven Design.  A lot has changed over the years but I find the core ideas still hold very true. In some ways, I think some of the concepts outlined are even more prevalent now than they have ever been. Ubiquitous Language The Ubiquitous Language is a shared language developed by the team.  The team is everyone working on the project: developers, domain experts, QA, BA. Everyone on the team. The ubiquitous language isn’t developed by the domain expert(s) alone.  If you have more than one domain expert, they may struggle with… Read More »Domain Driven Design: “What” not “How”

Clean up your Domain Model with Event Sourcing

I recently had a discussion with a developer who was new to Domain Driven Design, CQRS and Event Sourcing.  They were using Greg Young’s Simple CQRS Example to create there own simple app as learning exercise. After taking a quick look at their aggregate root, one thing that immediately stood out to me was a class field that contained current state.  Why this is interesting is because this field was not in any invariant. When I first started reading and exploring Event Sourcing, this was a big “ah ha!” moment for me. The realization that only certain data within my domain model was really important. We… Read More »Clean up your Domain Model with Event Sourcing