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Derek Comartin

MySQL InnoDB Tablespace

As with my other databases it should be no surprise that when using MySQL InnoDB as your database engine, the system tablespace (ibdata files) never release space back to the operating system. The filesystem space will increase as needed, if defined by the autoextend property but will never reduce. What is surprising, is there is no tool to shrink or release the free space back to the operating system. In Microsoft SQL Server, they have a shrink utility, in MongoDB you have the repairdatabase statement. With MySQL InnoDB your option is to dump and restore the database.

PHP Upload Large File Bug

After spending an hour trying to debug a strange issue with PHP & handling large (2GB+) file uploads, I figured I should post the resolution in case someone stumbles upon this post. Most people are aware that they need to set the the upload_max_filesize and post_max_size directives to handle large file uploads.  However, there is bug within PHP that does not handle files larger than 2GB, even when these directives are set to a higher value. Problem You have the PHP directives set properly to handle the a 2GB+ file size however the $_FILES[x][‘error’] will be set to 1 (UPLOAD_ERR_INI_SIZE), indicating that the file size exceeded the… Read More »PHP Upload Large File Bug

Static vs Dynamic Languages

Greg Young (re)posted this video he recorded with a panel from Microsoft discussing static vs dynamic languages.  Pretty interesting watch that’s only 15 minutes.