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Derek Comartin

ASP.NET Core Embedded Resource

In my previous blog about adding gzip compression when using NancyFX, I wanted to test the compression by outputting a large json data file in one of my endpoints. At first I was just going to generate some random data and serialize it at runtime but then I found Mockaroo, which provided a small dataset of random data that I could download. So now that I had this generated file, I  wanted to include the file in my project as an embedded resource in which would be read and at returned as output. If you have any questions, please follow me… Read More »ASP.NET Core Embedded Resource

Gzip Compression with NancyFX

I was looking at the size of the payloads in my web api and thought it would be worth investigating if adding HTTP compression via gzip would be worthwhile. After a quick search, I found a post by Simon Cropp back from 2011.  This was a good starting point, however how you wired it up with Nancy current day (1.4.3) is a bit different. Compressing I’ve basically taken Simon’s code and added it to a new class that implements IApplicationStartup. There are a few checks that occur before compressing the output. Does the incoming request accept header contain gzip? Is the outgoing HTTP… Read More »Gzip Compression with NancyFX

Nancy.Linker: NancyFX URI Builder

If you are using NancyFX, likely at some point you needed to generate a URI of another route in your application. When I first ran into this problem, I was looking for some type of built-in URI builder, similar to what you would do with ASP.NET MVC’s Url.Action(). Nancy.Linker Luckily, I found Nancy.Linker by Christian Horsdal. Simple URI builder for named Nancy routes with optional pass through of query parameters. It’s really that simple.  What it allows you to do is generate URI’s based on the names given to your routes. If you are not naming your routes yet, you… Read More »Nancy.Linker: NancyFX URI Builder